Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 Wedding Favorites :: Central Wisconsin Wedding Photography

This year I was honored to photograph so many lovely weddings. It is always a joy to see a couple commit to each other and I feel privileged to be creating the images and capturing the moments from one of the most important days in their lives. I am told (my wedding isn't until May) that a wedding day goes by in a blur. At the end of a wedding you are left with most importantly, the love of your life, and less importantly, some leftover wedding cake...maybe :) You are also left with the memories and images that document your day; the excitement, the love, and the little moments that make your wedding perfect.

These are a few of my favorite wedding photos from this year. I tried to choose just two from each wedding, but that was nearly impossible.  There were so many sweet couples and special touches that made each wedding unique and so many photos that made me smile :)

I hope that 2012 brings these couples much happiness as they enjoy their first year of marriage together!!

The Preparation

The Ceremony

The Portraits

The Details

The Party

Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice. Or maybe tomorrow. I am not sure, since my sources are contradicting.... Anyway, there is no snow on the ground and it looks like we might be heading for a brown Christmas :(  I for sure thought we were going to have snow, plus a horrible, hard, cold, and long winter. So far, not so much. I actually am kind of sad there is no snow. I got cross country skis last year for Christmas and have had some free time in December to use them, but that hasn't worked out so well. Also, due to lack of snow I have no new winter photos. I am blaming that on the weather too. Here are some photos from last year though!

Winter drive to Iowa

Snow drifts. Ok, ok, looking at this makes me feel cold and glad that it is 30 degrees out. 

Snowshoeing at McMillan on the first snow last year - holga

Winter sunset over central Wisconsin from the air.

Hoar frosted trees.

Trempeleau Mountain on the Mississippi River - holga

Cross country skiing through Levis Mounds -  holga

Winter sunset, frosted trees -  holga

Levis Mounds with a holga.