Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend.... Again!

Oh my, this week flew by. 
That rhymed! 
So I centered it!

Last weekend was full of cross-country skiing and this weekend I am heading to Iowa! Hopefully I will take more pictures this weekend:) I have continued with my 365 project, although honestly, I have been distracted by daily work and a few side projects.

If these photos are any indication I have been working a lot, I don't know what would be.
 Late night snow after getting out of work.

Snow flakes on my windshield while I filled up for gas before driving to  night game. 

Driving home from Pittsville last night. I love the bridge and have taken a few photos of it so far. Here it looks pretty creepy. Last night was really, really cold. There was no one out and the roads were really quiet.

Friday, January 14, 2011


I am pretty much beyond excited that the weekend is here. I wish it lasted at least five days though.... Here are a few more Holgas from winter! Have a lovely weekend!

Rock Dam Lake

McMillan Marsh

Snowshoeing at McMillan Marsh

The road to the woods at the farm

More cross-country skiing

 The first snow of the year

 More snowshoeing

The woods

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Holgas

 Here are a few new winter Holgas from cross-country skiing and snowshoeing this winter

 Ice Fishing at Coon Fork Lake in Eau Claire County

Driving to Coon Fork Lake to ice fish and ski.

 Dan skiing on Rock Dam Lake. It was a challenge, there was water over the ice and under the snow. Our skis kept getting wet so we would have to stop and knock off all the ice.

Icy trees at McMillan Marsh.

Rock Dam Lake

I will add a few more tomrorow.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

365 Project

Here are some recent photos from my 2011 365 project. I have made every day so far..... 10 down, 355 to go! The photos are a bit boring, as I have been working every day of the new year. But, I guess if the point of the project is to take a photo every day (even on boring days) then I am doing ok!

1/365 Driving home from Stevens Point
2/365 Making origami cranes for an Etsy sale 

3/365 Chopping parsley for dinner
4/365 I just noticed my amarylis is starting to grow again!
5.365 A glass of water before bed
6/365 Cross-country skiing at night in the school forest   

9/365 My only Christmas ornament

Monday, January 10, 2011

Audio Slideshows

The first ten days of January have been very busy. I have pretty much worked nearly every day, so I am kind of.... tired. Starting in November, my co-worker and I have been following the Colby Show Choir through practice and finally, on Saturday, their show choir event. We ran a series last week in the News-Herald and I also put together two audio slideshows. It was a pretty fun project, the kids were fun and the final event, The Show Choir Spectacular, was kind of awesome. There was a ton of energy at the event, and the kids who were done competing were dancing and rocking out.

I have be watching a lot of Glee lately:)

The first audio slideshow was about the show choir

The second audio slideshow focused on the event and final preparation for the show.

The story that ran today is here in the Marshfield News-Herald.

I use GarageBand for editing audio and Soundslides for putting the audio and photos together.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy 2011! I hope it is a great year! I put up a gallery for work of some of my favorite photos from 2010. They are mostly work photos, but I threw in a few random personal photos too. If I had to chose one photo from 2010 that is my favorite though...... well I couldn't.

Here is the link to the photo gallery on the MNH site.

2010 was a really great year and many, many good things happened both professionally and personally. I actually set goals last year and (I was surprised) achieved all of them in some form or another, if only for a few months. 

This year I would like to retry a photo a day project. I did it pretty well for about 180 days, but then things kind of fell through.... . I tried again with taking daily fall photos and that lasted about a third of fall. I guess, for me, with those daily projects, it isn't really about making it through the whole year, but finding photos in unexpected places and forcing myself to look through my camera in more ways than one. I think the start and the reboot of this project help my eye and then carries through all year. 

Today I purchased this print from Etsy. This is another goal of mine this year,: stay calm. With a busy work schedule, a busy wedding schedule, and planning my own wedding, it is a good reminder for me. I hope everyone has a wonderful 2011!