Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cedar Strip Canoe

I just realized that I haven't posted about the cedar strip canoe that Dan built. Here is my blog about it from my work blog on Wisconsin Outdoor Fun. So far we have taken the canoe out a few times and it has gotten a few scratches too.
This Friday I went in search of open water. With temperatures in the mid-seventies, I felt that every lake around would be open. My fiance just finished building a cedar strip canoe and we couldn't wait any longer to test it out. After my initial disappointment that we might be driving all day after seeing our destination still covered with ice, we drove around the lake to where we heard geese. Fortunately, enough water was open to paddle up the creek and the ice was melting away as we watched. We slipped the canoe in the water to head out to explore to first of spring in our new canoe.

This is the first canoe he has built... and I might have him blog about it, since my help was pretty minimal.  I did lay a few strip here and there, but not enough to blog about the process. It is for our wedding... so we can paddle off into the sunset....awwwww :) It was gorgeous to paddle and completely silent compared to the old aluminum canoe. Silent enough to sneak up on birds around the bends. I can't wait until we take it on a "real" paddle and can spend a few days in it. It did get the first few scratches though, so I am glad that is out of the way.

We also paddled around the the Eau Pleine Flowage on Sunday. I know it isn't spring and it will probably snow again, but it sure felt like it this weekend!
I didn't take all these photos, Dan took a few of the detail shots. 



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