Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wedding Planning :: Central Wisconsin Wedding Photography

I am planning a wedding. Yes, yes I am. Everyone says how much fun planning a wedding is, and I am sure it is, and I am pretty sure it will be.... after I find a venue. I think once I find a place, everything else will fall into place. I might be a bit picky though... I am having a problem finding the perfect (or any) birch grove in which a wedding can be held. I am becoming very proficient at googling though:) That said, here are some blogs for inspiration and fun ideas for weddings!

And Etsy's wedding category is awesome! 

My wedding website :: Laura Schmitt Wedding Photography

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blog Anniversary ... + 1 Week

Last Thursday was the one year anniversary of my blog and today is the 53 week anniversary! When I started my blog, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted it to be and how I would find my blogging "voice." I knew that I wanted a place to share all my photos, including work, wedding, 365 project, and Holga photos. Since starting my blog, it has provided me with motivation to keep blogging and taking photos. It also has been a great tool to post wedding and engagement photos and has gotten me wedding clients that I may not have gotten otherwise. So happy one year and a week anniversary to my blog! I am glad I started blogging and it is great to look back on my past year photographically.

Here are some recent 365 photos. I have missed a few days here and there..... but I will be more motivated once the snow starts melting and my cold dissipates:)

31/365 Winter Woods

39/365 Fresh roasted coffee

36/365 Margaritas

41/365 I am on vacation (This was last week)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Now Hanging...

I am super-excited to have three photos that will be hanging in ExVoto Art and Design Studio's Black and White themed show. The show will open on February 27 with a reception from 1-4pm at their studio in Medford. I dropped off my work today and had a look around as they were preparing for the show, and there is a ton of cool art!

Here is the card for the show

Here are two of the three pieces that I will have displayed.
 This is a photograph from my Holga that I took while cross-country skiing at Wildcat Mountain State Park in southwestern Wisconsin.

This is another photograph from my Holga. I took this while hiking this fall on the Ice Age Trail near Prentice.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stuck in Iowa

I am stuck in Iowa after a Midwest tour during my furlough. I didn't plan to be stuck in Iowa, but because of icy and slushy roads in Iowa and potentially 18 inches of snow in Wisconsin, I find myself in my hometown with not much to do.

Freezing rain is the worst when driving.

I was in Kansas City earlier in the week where it was 75 degrees and I was spending time with my sister and her family including:


And Will

Hopefully it will stop raining/sleeting/snowing by tomorrow....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope your day is filled with lots of love and quite a few conversation hearts!

I was going to post pictures happy couples that I have photographed, but the warm weather, a bike ride and candy hearts took me in another direction. Have a lovely day! And if you do want to see couples in love, here is my wedding photography site!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Web Site Building

Since I have gotten a wedding photography website through Photoshelter, I have been working to get the site polished and optimized for search engines. If this sounds foreign to you, it was also foreign to me too! I have been working to get the SEO (search image optimization) working so that when people are searching for a wedding photographer in central Wisconsin, they find me! Which is pretty exciting for me.  Photoshelter has a ton of great resources and reports to help photographers learn about web tech stuff, and it is specific to photographers.  If you are interested, you should check it out. This past weekend my fiance and I had also had an impromptu photo session so that I could have some photos on my site of me that weren't from Facebook. This is harder than it sounds....There were quite a few photos of me throwing up my hands or asking why he was taking so many photos. Check out my "About" section for the photo. So, the site is improving, which is exciting. I am also working on some branding for my wedding photography... more to come on that later.

Other than that, work has been busy... but I am looking forward to some time off next week!

A cup of tea after a long day, followed by some Glee watching. I blogged about it here for work.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Go, Pack, Go!

Last night I had the pleasure of photographing Packer fans watching the Super Bowl. My destination was the bars of Wisconsin Rapids. It was more fun than I was expecting.... especially since the Packers won and I didn't have to take sad photos. It was an emotional game...

 All photos are copyright the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Food Photos

Today I spent the morning taking photos of food for Marshfield News-Herald's YOU Magazine. We have a recipe section and recently started taking our own photos and putting together our own recipes for the magazine. It is a pretty fun shoot, especially because we get to eat it all after!

Taking pictures of food is kind of challenging, although I really like to photograph food in its raw form. But, once food is cooked and melted and mixed, it can sometimes photograph in an unappetizing way. It is also hard to plate it to make it look super-pretty and delicious. I should have studied my Food and Wine last night....  It is a a fun project to play around with, especially using my new lights!

Pictures of drinks and dessert are always the best because... well dessert always looks good to me!

Here, and here are some other posts about food photos and here is a link to my Etsy cards that are pictures of fruit!

All photos copyright of the Marshfield News-Herald.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am not quite sure where January went.... I knew it would be busy, but not as busy as it was. My month was full of working, traveling to Iowa and Chicago, and looking for birch groves online (don't ask). February will be a better month for blogging, I can feel it! For now, here is a red photo (for Valentine's Day)

My amaryllis is blooming!